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Download this app named Star Commander Online.

Based on the popular genre of Incremental Games, you can enjoy this game from any platform including PC and Mac.

In this game, you take the role of a Star Commander, issuing orders to an entire fleet of Starships in our own solar system.

Send your Starships out to mine minerals from familiar destinations such as the Moon, Mars and even our own Sun!

The Story So Far...


The story so far: The Maji and Alpha Centaurians arrived at our solar system in the year 2260, shortly after Man kind discovered warp technology. The Alpha Centaurians were a brutish race of humanoids who had been frantically waiting to begin mining operations on our star, as their own star had begun to show signs of collapse due to the over-mining of Plasma - the most powerful substance for fuel responsible for powering warp gates.

So began the Centaurian War for Plasma which started in 2260. Fifty years of war and still continues to this day.

Man kind was not prepared to defend itself against the invaders, thank the Stars the Maji appeared and took up anchor at Jupiter, claiming to be peace keepers of the Galaxy. They equipped us with new Starship schematics so we could defend ourselves against the Centauri, with out directly being involved. With out them we would have been enslaved to the brutish Centaurians, we owe them everything. So what's a little Plasma from our star, right? Well, as the years went on, Man kind began to see the hypocrisies of the Maji, and began work on a top secret artificial intelligence program known as.... STAR COMMANDER


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