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Spanish Translate Keyboard

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Download this app named Spanish Translate Keyboard.

This is a Free Spanish Dictionary Plugin and not the main App, You have to Install Translate Keyboard first to be able to use it.

After Installing Translate keyboard and the Spanish Dictionary pack you'll be able to type in Spanish correctly and much faster by showing word suggestions when you type two or three alphabets.

Translate Keyboard is an Android keyboard with a translation feature. With Translate Keyboard, you can translate your text from your native language to any foreign language while typing and without leaving your current app just by one click.

Translate Keyboard also has Emojis, Keyboard height control, Auto Correction, Voice typing, and Classic computer keyboard.

Instant Translation - We are using Yandex Translate API which supports over 80 languages to translate your text quickly and easily. No more app switching, just type and translate, right from your keyboard in any app on Android (Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, WeChat, Viber, Line, Kakao Talk, Mail, etc.). You can even use this keyboard as a tool to learn a foreign language.

Emoji and Emoticon - Add fun to your conversations with more than 900 Emoticons. Locate emojis and emoticons easily in the keyboard area.

Keyboard Height - Resize Translate Keyboard to match your fingertips by clicking on volume keys to increase or decrease the keyboard size.

Auto Correction - Worried about typing wrongly? Translate Keyboard has Smart Auto Correction that helps you type correctly and quickly by showing word suggestions when you type two or three alphabets. Available for more than 35 languages.

Voice Typing - Dictate your text easily via the microphone icon.

Computer Keyboard - Missing your computer keyboard? Translate Keyboard offers you a classic computer keyboard with Tab/Ctrl/Esc keys. You can use special computer keys and shortcuts to copy, paste, select-all and much more; and arrow keys for devices that don't have a trackball or D-Pad. The computer keyboard is also useful if you use ConnectBot for SSH access.

Keyboard Language Supported

- Arabic العربية [ar]
- Bulgarian български (Standard) [bg]
- Bulgarian български (Phonetic) [bg_ST]
- Catalan Català [ca]
- Czech čeština [cs]
- Czech čeština (QWERTY) [cs_QY]
- Danish Dansk [da]
- German Deutsch [de]
- Greek ελληνικά [el]
- English [en]
- English (Dvorak) [en_DV]
- English (United Kingdom) [en_GB]
- Spanish Español [es]
- Spanish Español (Latinoamérica) [es_LA]
- Spanish Español (Estados Unidos) [es_US]
- Persian Farsi فارسی [fa]
- Finnish Suomi [fi]
- French Français [fr]
- French Français (Canada) [fr_CA]
- Croatian Hrvatski [hr]
- Hungarian Magyar [hu]
- Hungarian Magyar (QWERTY) [hu_QY]
- Armenian Հայերեն [hy]
- Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia [in]
- Italian Italiano [it]
- Hebrew עברית [iw]
- Georgian ქართული [ka]
- Lao ພາສາລາວ [lo]
- Lithuanian lietuvių [lt]
- Latvian latviešu [lv]
- Norwegian Norsk bokmål [nb]
- Dutch Nederlands [nl]
- Polish Polski [pl]
- Portuguese Português [pt]
- Portuguese Português (Portugal) [pt_PT]
- Romansh Rumantsch [rm]
- Romanian Română [ro]
- Russian Русский [ru]
- Russian Русский (Phonetic) [ru_PH]
- Sinhalese Sinhala සිංහල [si]
- Slovak Slovenčina [sk]
- Slovak Slovenčina (QWERTY) [sk_QY]
- Slovene Slovenščina [sl]
- Serbian српски [sr]
- Swedish Svenska [sv]
- Tamil தமிழ் [ta]
- Thai ไทย [th]
- Filipino Tagalog [tl]
- Turkish Türkçe [tr]
- Ukrainian Українська [uk]
- Vietnamese Tiếng Việt [vi]

Other Dictionaries

Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovak (Accents), Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.




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