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The Sound Frequency Analyzer App is Android App created for real time sound measurement while performing a comprehensive analysis of the sound frequencies and amplitudes recorded.
It does the sound frequency and amplitude measurement / analysis through recording the audio using a microphone of your Android phone.
The Sound Frequency Analyzer app analyzes the audio spectrum of the sound in real time, showing the sound amplitude in dB(decibel), average frequency in Hz(Hertz), as well as displays the graphical view of the amplitude for each frequency in the spectrum.

The list of features of the Sound Frequency Analyzer Android app:
- Real time sound measurements
- Self calibration of the smartphone to use right parameters for sound real time measurement
- Sound amplitude level in decibel (dB) real time meter
- Average sound frequency real time meter in Hertz (Hz)
- Graphical View of the sound waves - showing the sound amplitude level for each frequency of the audio spectrum

You can also zoom in the sound graph to further analyze the sound measurement on specific frequency of the sound spectrum.
For example, while doing the real time sound measurement of the whole audio sound spectrum - the Sound Frequency Analyzer Android app allows you to do the audio spectrum analysis of low level or high level frequencies.
By zooming into the graph you can see more detailed view of the amplitude in decibel (dB) for specific frequency in Hertz (Hz).

The Sound Frequency Analyzer Android app is audio spectrum analyzer app, and it is up to you whether you just want to do sound measurement to determine a noise level in decibel (dB) or do much more deep audio spectrum analysis.
It is a sound decibel (dB) meter and audio spectrum analyzer of frequencies - all in one.
As an audio spectum analyzer you can do a further audio spectrum analysis - so the Sound Frequency Analyzer becomes an Audio spectrum analyzer of the frequencies in Hertz (Hz).
The Audio Spectrum analyzer of Sound Frequency Analyzer also determines in real time the average frequency in Hertz (Hz).
So the audio spectum analyzer shows what is the current average frequency in Hertz (Hz) - which tells whether the current audio signal stream is in high, medium or low range of audio spectrum frequencies.

Whether you want to know the sound noise level surrounding you, or calibrating any audio devices, or up for comprehensive analysis of frequencies contained in the sound along with amplitude - The Sound Frequency Analyzer app is for your convenient use.
The Sound Frequency Analyzer Android app is completely free app, it only displays the commercial banner at the bottom of the screen to support the development.
There is an option to opt-out from the commercial banners to be displayed as well if you wish.

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Developer: BC MOBILE

Genre: Tools

App version: 2.1

App size: 2.6M

Recent changes: Amplitude and Frequency average Graph visualization added


Much better similar apps that include all tools needed to use an RTA.

This is a terrible app.

Tested on guitar string tuning. Hz indications toggled between two set frequencies regardless of how slightly I adjusted string tension. Not accurate to true frequency tuning, at least for musicians.

Meh! Slow, sluggish response. Awful and the ads slow it down. Db and freq average was a cool addition but this app is slow to show respone.

Frequency only goes up to 4000 Hz'