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The app "SOS EU ALP" (formerly name "Notfall App") reads your position (x, y coordinates) from your smartphone. In case of an emergency, this position will be used to inform the appropriate rescue coordination centre (Tyrol, South Tyrol or Bavaria).

It may be used in case of an emergency where you need medical care (by air or ground), get rescued from water or mountains or need the fire brigade.

In case of an emergency the activated app will start a telephone call with the emergency call center (only if the position of the smartphone is in Tyrol or South Tyrol). At the same time the collected data is sent. This makes it possible to receive help quick and efficient.

Outside of the borders of Tyrol, South Tyrol and Bavaria emergencies are reported to the appropriate rescue coordination centre too. In such cases the app calls 112 but do not send any data.

Participating control centers (countries):

*) "Leitstelle Tirol" (www.leitstelle.tirol) for the province of Tyrol (Austria)
*) Emergency centre of the province of Bolzano / South Tyrol (Italy)
*) Emergency centres in Bavaria (Germany)

This app is supported actively by EUSALP (EU startegy for the alpine region).

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Developer: Leitstelle Tirol gemeinnützige GmbH

Genre: Health & Fitness

App version: 3.4.7

App size: 14M

Recent changes: minor changes


Nice. But now activate an emergency call while in an avalanche, or falling down into an abyss. Or maybe while beeing threathened with a gun. Solution:Trigger the app by pulling out the earphone cable. Can be done in an instant, with gloves, and discretely. Actually, I wrote such an app, for free, without ads, for my own use. I thought it would be a good idea to make it available to everybody for free. Though it was much extra work to make it configruable and easy to use for everybone. Done that, Google did trow it out of the App Store because it had no Datenschutzerklärung (declaration of data usage policy). I could add the app again with such a policy. Problem is, without proper marketing nobody seems to be interested. Therefore I am asking here, if there would be useful such an app for you. After pulling earphone cable, it sends an sms with position for predefined phone numbers, after making an audio recording during position calculation. The audio recording is sent to predefined email addresses. A voice confirmation informs if the actions were successful or not. I also did write a receiving app, which automatically display the position on google maps and plays the audio recording in an endles loop. For dummies. Though, I never posted it in the Play Store yet. All of this features I would be heppy to see in the SOS EU ALP app, so I have no more work with my app. Otherwise, if you like, I could further work on my app. Please give me feedback. Anyway: You cannot issue an SOS call, when you have no mobile network coverage. Which is often the case in the mountains. A satellite phone may elp, but I found no satellite smartphone with Android on it. Nevertheless, I found a 500 Euro Satellite extension vor Samsung Galaxy S4 and others. But I did not test it yet. Have fun and stay healthy.

Looks very promising and potentially life saving. Remarks: - Want to be able to get rid of those silly feet instead of meters! - Want to be able to switch language, like to your own German!

Love the concept, dislike the fact you cannot turn the app off. I'm also somewhat surprised it only covers a certain state of Austria. Is there no Austrian-wide version, or a companion app?

The efficiency of this life saving tool gives me goose bumps. It even sends out the remaining battery life of your phone to the emergency services. Hope I'll never have to use it, but it's pretty reassuring to have it on my phone."