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can you enter my heart
Pull my love to see how big it is
you first one
Love tricks at first sight
I started to see you while I was sleeping, thank God I love you
Your love is an army and surround me, O first human being who occupied me
No one about you prevents me
I can adjust my mood, make your voice therapeutic
The day I saw you, you know the happiest day of my life
I'm sleeping in my chest
can you enter my heart
Pull my love to see how big it is
you first one
Love tricks at first sight


Hear me and understand
I'm so fond that I love you
Stay safe and secure
Leave my house and live in your heart
You know the comfort of my heart, you know I can even smell you
And hear this urgent news without you, everything is not met
I loved you, the love of the ignorant one
I got addicted to something, it doesn't look like I'm locked in the case
You can separate from everything you decide to walk
Expect my tears and blink me
can you enter my heart
Pull my love to see how big it is
you first one
Love tricks at first sight
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