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Run this app named Solid Geometry Calculator or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Solid Geometry Calculator is made for education purpose, which to help student understand and memorize the formula of Solid Geometry. You just need to type in the known values like diameter, length, width, height, then the app will calculate automatically the Volume, Surface Area, Lateral Area of the figure.

Enriched with formulas and drawings, so students can learn while memorizing:
- Formula of Cylinder / Tube Volume & Surface Area
- Formula of Cube Volume & Surface Area
- Formula of Rectangular Prism Volume & Surface Area
- Formula of Sphere Volume & Surface Area
- Formula of Cone Volume & Surface Area
- Formula of Prisms Volume & Surface Area
- Formula of Pyramid Volume & Surface Area

This application can also help teachers to check the answers of their students, whether it is right or wrong. This app is made to ease the calculation as simple as it can, you only need to type in the value of diameter if you don't know the radius, even you don't need to type in the slant height of cone as long as you type in the height. This Solid Geometry Calculator will automatically calculate the volume, surface area and lateral area of the figure.

I hope this app will be helpful for students who want to study solid geometry. If there is any suggestion to make this app even better, please email me No need to leave bad rating just to make your suggestion noticed. I will try to improve this app to be more and more helpful for studying Geometry

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