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Run this app named SLT Authenticator or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

SLT Authenticator is performed by using either biometric approval or thru multi-factor identification techniques for telephonic environments such as contact centers. The application provides two very powerful features for call centers and/or DTMF based IVR assisted telephonic systems for billing and support. First the application is used when a person needs to be identified when calling into a system like a bank to request a transfer of money. The Agent sends a request to the iOS device that has the account profile registered. Upon successful biometric scan the person calling the bank (Caller) is identified. Second; the Agent can record or perform a request that is recorded to prove an approval a Caller made and time stamp a transaction for future confirmation purposes. This information is useful if the transaction is ever put into question or needed for validation and confirmation purposes. The transaction record will show that the person did indeed have a biometric scan and was linked to the account thru the registered profile.

Being sure who is on the phone, is actually who they say they are, is quite difficult because most information can be hijacked or fraudulently presented in a telephonic conversation. This application ties not only the account profile to the caller identified but also uses the biometric scanner on the iOS device that is associated to the profile matching the person and not just the passphrase.

This application also provides a layer of anti-collusion protection by being a closed loop with no possibility for the person (call center agent) initiating the sequence to know the code or have a bypass to the demand of the biometric scan.

Works with contact center solutions or any IVR based logic for payments, support or healthcare results lines. Solving the largest issue of security today the "identify and validation" sequence that mitigates fraud on telephonic systems.

Dramatically reduces the frustration level of the callers having a simple way to quickly be identified without having to answer 50 questions.

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