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In this article I assume that you are a cartoon simple drawing tutorials enthusiast who is always looking for techniques and tips for bettering his/her cartoon simple drawing tutorials skills. So I will get directly into techniques that you can use to do just that. I will start with basics but also touch some intermediate level techniques that you'll need to master. If you're a beginner you first learn how to simple drawing tutorials shapes. And even before that you should be, comfortable with handling the pencil. And learn to hold the pencil correctly so that you can draw smooth lines easily without tiring your fingers in the process.

You should be always drawing lines by applying light pressure on pencil. You will get two benefits from this technique. Firstly your fingers will not get tired very soon and secondly if you make a mistake, and take it from me you will make many mistakes as a beginner, you can always erase your mistakes easily without making the whole work look dirty. While simple drawing tutorials basic shapes it's a good idea to use a notebook that has grids on it. The grid will help you to perfectly position and size your drawings. Use a notebook in that grids are very faint so that though you can see the grid it would not come in the way to overshadow the drawing itself.

Keep one thing in mind, cartoon drawing is fun but good cartoon drawing is not necessarily easy. Initially if you feel you are not progressing like as you should, know that it's normal and every beginner goes through this phase. So your task would be: just be with it and keep practising. In course of time you will discover your cartoon drawing skill has enhanced substantially. So just don't stop before that. Check this simple drawing tutorials to discover how you can draw funny cartoons easily. also do not forget to check the popular Cartoon Drawing Course.

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