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Shearwater Cloud links your mobile device to your Shearwater dive computer. It allows you to download and manage your dive logs, update your dive computer firmware, and use cloud storage.

Using Bluetooth technology, you can quickly and easily download your dive logs to Shearwater Cloud. Once your logs are downloaded you can analyze your depth, decompression profile, temperature, and much more.

The defining feature of Shearwater Cloud is the ability to store your dives via the cloud. Cloud storage provides accessibility to your dives on any mobile device with an internet connection. In addition, dive logs can be recovered should the dive logs be lost on a local storage.

Shearwater Cloud is compatible with Teric, Perdix, Perdix AI, Petrel, Petrel 2, NERD, NERD 2 and Predator.

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Developer: Shearwater Research

Genre: Sports

App version: 2.8.3

App size: 152M

Recent changes: Features
- Numerous improvements have been made to remove requiring restarting the app for changing the language
- Character limit on notes has been increased to 7500 characters up from 2000

- Fixed some localization
- Fixed some Ui layout issues
- Fixed Computer Panel for Polish and Portuguese language display
- Language setting now shows the app selected word Language and the (device selected language) where able to
- Fixed the graph Battery Ascent tooltip label


I have a Teric dive computer and I love it. small and stylish for everyday wear, yet has all the features of the bigger dive computers. I would rate the computer a 5 star, but this rating is for the app. The app lacks some features and is difficult to type in. I know Shearwater is Dive computer company and not a Phone App company but as great as their computers are I wish the app was allot better. Upgrades to the App would be much appreciated. Features such as a multi-select function for items seen during the dive (Turtles, Sharks, Sting Rays, Octopus, etc....). Another change would include autofill certain fields based on the previous dive. Many things don't (rarely) change between dives (weights, tank size, single tank, wetsuit, etc...). Autofill these fields but allow user to make changes when needed. Lastly, make the app more user friendly so its easier to type or make more dropdown selections. Thanks

I have the Peregrine computer which I love. I regularly use the android app to sync dives, add notes and review my dives. It works, but I have a few nits that keep this from being a 5 star experiences. If these items are fixed I would be overjoyed. * When typing notes the app does not automatically capitalize the first letter of a new sentence. This is such a common behavior on phones I would think Shearwater had to do something to make this not work. This is my number one nit. As a whole the entire way that text entry works across the app is just clunky. * Entering fields like air pressure you often cannot see what you are typing. * Some fields, like air pressure again, are pre-filled with "N/A

I need to manually delete this (without seeing it as it is covered by the keyboard) and then type in my values. * When touching on the graph it helpfully shows all the values at that point, but places it right under my finder so I cannot read it. A few wish list features * Let me enter multiple dive buddies not as a single string (potentially from a list of previous buddies). Right now it seems if I have buddies John and Joe, I can dive with "John

"Joe" or "John and Joe". It should be ["John