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Lord Shani Dev is the son of Surya (Sun god) and Chaya (wife of Sun god). He is also the brother of Lord Yama (god of death). As an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, Shani was given the authority to reward or punish people for their good and bad deeds. Shani is often dreaded in astrology since when Shani afflicts a horoscope, the individual suffers bad luck. Reading Shani Chalisa can instill confidence in the heart and help remedy the miseries and challenges faced due to the horoscope afflicted by Shani.

This app has an extremely simple and user friendly interface. Upon loading, you are immediately taken to actual Chalisa text. Just install and stay blessed with Shani Dev Chalisa in Punjabi Language. Best Shani Chalisa Punjabi App dedicated to all Punjabi Readers.

Salient Features:
1. Zoom-in and Zoom-out Button for Chalisa
2. Purely Punjabi Language
3. Will work without an Internet connection
4. No cost involved for download
5. While reading, you will feel like reading from actual book
6. Support both Landscape and Portrait Mode
7. Support all screen sizes
8. User friendly and quality text, graphics

This application is in continous development and will add more content related to Shani Chalisa day by day. This app had been tested on most latest devices. Please Email us – beststudyguru@gmail.com if your device is not supported by this app.

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