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This self care app is for everyone and it matters. You need to take care of yourself daily and mostly on Sunday since it is your off day. Write down your self care journal for that week as a recap how your week has been and plan for the next coming week.

When was the last time you care for yourself? When was the last time you listen to yourself? Are you too busy to work for other that you neglect what your body and soul need? It's time to focus on YOU ! it is the time to love yourself by practicing part of self love ; that is self care ; this is you doing self charity to yourself and it's not selfish at all.

You should always prioritize yourself first, then other come second. This is not being selfish but you only can share your good vibes if you have it in yourself and keep evolving it. Starts taking care of yourself at home and at work as well. Follow our night self care routine. at work self care routine.

Once you go through this self care app, you'll know the importance to free yourself from stress or negativity around you . Not only it helps you will be more happy on your own, you might also gain self respect as you thrive to improve yourself ; support good self care habits.
Learning self care is crucial nowadays as people are too busy with satisfying others and neglecting own self . This largely contribute to increasing of mental health issues around the world.

know your self worth , self wellness , treat yourself better than you treat others. Treat yourself with goodness. treat yourself like how you treat someone you love. Help yourself, know your self- worth. You are very worthy, you are very special. Know your self worth and love yourself .

self care are as important as self-love. We also include what is the definition of self care to avoid misunderstanding about the concept of self love. There is a reason personal growth is so big right now...life is getting busier for the majority leaving less and less time to sit and check up on ourselves. Learning to love yourself might seem like luxury but if you look at the happiest people in life they all have one thing in common.... the way they see themselves! It's not that they're unaware of their faults it's because they choose to focus on the good. it is part of self love act.

We would also like you to fully utilize the self praise note/ self care journal , you will see how much grateful you are of the positive around you. If not, make one. you are in control of your life. You are more of your self once you know how to truly love and care yourself, how you truly learn to know your self-worth. It might take time but loving yourself WILL make you happier in the long run. Youll end up putting more effort in to reach your goals when you appreciate your value. Youll feel more content because youll treat yourself with compassion and respect, and seek out only others who will do the same.

This app also include self care quote to inspire you or people around you and self care tips. There are people who need self care but not aware of it, you might help them by sharing our quotes .You can share it via any social media and it's free .

Love yourself and start taking care of your life.
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Thank you for downloading. More upcoming features come soon.
Feedback is most welcome to ensure you enjoy it to the fullest. Honestly learning how to love yourself might just be the best thing YOU ever do for yourself!!

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Developer: FYTD

Genre: Books & Reference

App version: 12.1

App size: 9.4M


Don't know anything about this app because when I open it it just the phone picture and it doesn't have any option I think because I open it and it is stuck on a picture and there is no option to go and back in like that please listen to my problem selfcate team

I like the app,it's nice if you like reading . But there's not much to do.

i love the app. it's cute and makes me feel calm.

I had trouble loging in for a while but otherwise it is good

I seriously dont know what I'm doing wrong but I have no idea how to create a password got this app, and the worst part is I was looking so forward to this app as it's free. (I know how to create a password but its isnt liking any of mine)"