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End-to-end encryption: A chat or a document is encrypted on the device using the long password of the user, then send, store and received encrypted to be decrypted by the receiving device. Only the secret password of the user can decrypt the message. No third party or server or engineer maintain the server can see the encrypted message. The message is invisible to any third party for whatsoever purpose. Without the secret password of the user the content of the message is invisible and inaccessible. The message is encrypted by the public address of the receiving user, and only with the private key of the receiving user the content of the message is known. End-to-end encryption is also use in a group of users.

Authentication: The authentication is done by the user, not by a trusted third party. The user is responsible to keep book of its secret password, not a third party. If a third party keep record of the secret password, the third party has also access to the encrypted message, which is a security risk. End-to-end encryption with a third party authentication is not secure. Any third party how trusted and regulated cause a security risk. The user authentication is verified by each server node in the network. The verification of each server node on the network can be done without the knowledge of the secret key of the user. Each message of a user is digitally signed and verified by each node on the network.

Long password: The authentication must be done by a long random password. A short password weakens the signature authentication. Without a long password the security of the messages send by the user is at risk. With a master password, long passwords can easily, conveniently be registered and used on the network.

Multiple accounts: More than one account can be registered on the network for a user. The amount of accounts a user can registered is not limited. Multiple account increases the security of a message. If only one account is used meta information could be gathered around the account. Each account has a public address which comes from the private key of the user. The public address is public and can be trace to other public addresses. The content cannot be known but the activity between public addresses can be traced. If multiple accounts for certain users or subject are used - the traceability of the user activity become obscured. Each account can be registered with a long password. Each account can access also a different network. The name of an account that references the public address could be afterwards changed. Accounts can be backup and restored.

Immutability: Multiple servers store a user's message. If one server goes down the record of the message can be accessed by another server. A local live copy could also be made as the messages of the user are sent. So, even if all the servers of the network are down, or with no internet access - the local copy of the messages and documents can be accessed from the user's device. Multiple networks in multiple regions could also increase the independence and immutability and therefore the security of user messages. If one network is blocked another network could be setup to keep the information flow. If any network or server is compromised, because the data is encrypted it is therefore inaccessible. Multiple servers in a network and multiple networks ensures the independence and immutability of the users information and established the information flow between users.

Speed: One million transactions per second or more can be reached. A single a server can reach up to 6000 transactions per second (TPS)- but by utilizing multiple CPU's on a server 100,000 TPS can be reached in a network. By utilizing multiple servers, a bandwidth of 1 million messages per second or more can be accommodated with all above mentioned security. Security without speed, limits the use cases of a system. Speed without security cause a loss of ownership.

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Developer: maatadata

Genre: Communication

App version: 1.0

App size: 36M