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ScrollCalendar, Calendar with calculating function Download

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ScrollCalendar, Calendar with calculating function

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Download this app named ScrollCalendar, Calendar with calculating function.

Vertical scroll calendar with calculating function

A simple, easy to use vertical scroll calendar.
Includes a feature that totals values entered in the calendar.

You can add as many calendar items as you want, and display multiple items in a row.

Schedule management, Journal, Expenditure records, Weight management, etc.

Feature list
- Calendar
- Calculating function
- Templates
- Copy / Cut / Paste
- Export / Import (.ics file)
- Export to CSV
- Backup / Recovery

Calculating function
You can apply equations to values entered for various items.

Possible calculations: total, average, maximum/ minimum
You can also display results as a graph.

Main screen
Tap the place you want to enter information to display the entry screen.
Hold to display the edit menu.
Tap on an item to display the item menu.

Entry screen
Enter a value after "=" to calculate.
You can also enter equations using "+ - * / ( )".
To enter a comment after a value, leave at least one space.
To enter multiple aggregate values, please go the next line for each value.

=65.7 Comment

You can also calculate by category. To do so, enter the category name before "=".


You can register frequently used text as a template.
You can use text registered as a template on the main screen and entry screen.

You can export calendar items as files.
Files will be exported in iCalendar format (.ics).
You can send exported files over email or chat apps to be imported.
You can also import files using other apps that support ics files (such as Google calendar, etc).

You can import files in iCalendar format (.ics).
You can also import ics files created outside this app, but they are not officially supported.
If you have an ics file created in an app like Google Calendar that includes times or repeating events,
you will not be able to import it normally because this app does not have those features.

Export to CSV
You can output calendar items in CSV file format. (character code UTF-8)




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