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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
"Verily, Salah (the prayer) is enjoined on the believers at fixed hours." (An-Nisa': 103)

Salaty Software for Mobile Phones
Your best companionIt helps you observe prayers at their due times
Services and Specifications
Easy to use and fully compatible with the operating system
Easy identification and selection of a location (city), with the availability of an interactive map that enables you to determine your position and choose your location with the utmost ease.
The software displays the timetable of the obligatory daily prayers and the time of sunrise, with the possibility of displaying the prayer times for different cities and countries via the software's interactive map.
The software supports the approved methods of calculating the prayer times relevant to the different countries (five methods in all), as the software automatically chooses the method approved in each city, with the possibility of changing the settings manually.
The software shows different and changeable attractive backgrounds, on which the prayer timetables are displayed depending on the next prayer, as the displayed background corresponds to the positions of the sun and the moon at different times.
The software signals the beginning of the prayer time by calling the Adhan using one of the many lovely voices. It is also easy to select and confirm your favorite muezzin's voice to mark the beginning of the prayer time.
The software displays a moving message to alert the user of the time remaining for the next prayer.
The software displays a moving message to alert the user of the time remaining for Iftar (breaking the Fast) or Suhur (pre-dawn meal before the Fast) during Ramadan.
The software displays the Gregorian and Hijri date, allowing for the user to convert from one calendar system to another via the settings and to adjust any differences in dates in the event of different sightings.
The software supports the following languages: Arabic, English, French, and Urdu, allowing the user to convert from one language to another via the settings.

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Developer: NTG Clarity