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Run this app named Hide Photos, Video Hider, Gallery Lock, Calculator or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Looking for the safest tool to hide photos and video hider app? Download XVault to help you manage gallery vault and hide photos and videos.

Hide and lock your private pictures, photos, videos, contacts and hiding files. Gallery vault calculator lock app is a photo and video calculator for photo lock gallery, video lock behind calculator lock without anyone knowing as gallery video lock. Hide gallery vault & video lock is a stunning free video gallery vault, photo gallery lock and privacy lock for your personal information and media files. Hide Pictures, Video Hider, Gallery Vault is the safest photo vault & video locker for hiding sensitive files.

Just a few step to hide and you are in the safest place in the world!

- Video Locker: Hide private videos behind Блокировка калькулятора
- Photo Vault: lock photos in album with Блокировка PIN
- Gallery lock: manage private pictures, photos, videos
- Privacy lock: gallery vault hide contact picture and videos, lock photo album
- Private browser: Browse videos with the built-in browser
- Organize & Hide contact number & private message
- Inbuilt image viewer, HD видео плеер: support ALL formats
- Easy organize hidden photos and videos in gallery vault lock
- Directly share your private pictures, photos, videos

Calculator Vault app, you can easily protect your privacy, secure your photos, videos and other important files and be sure that nobody will see that you don't want to be shown. you can create your own photo gallery and media gallery, manage the privacy hidden folders or albums of photos and videos, lock videos and hide photos from the system gallery, while others could only see a normal calculator installed on your phone. Now its the safest secret vault for hiding and protecting all of your private personal data! Fully secured!
Hide pictures & Private photo vault
- Hide pictures to hidden gallery photo vault from system gallery
- View hidden photos in a safe place
- Direct share photos from hidden place
video hider & video locker
- watch movie in safe video vault
- all format support in video streaming
- Hide videos is a powerful video lock
- Direct share videos from hidden place
Hide contact number & private message
- Direct call & massage from calculator vault
- Best Contacts UI & Easy Find any contact number
Частный браузер
- Private surfing with the free Incognito Internet Browser.
- Save your history in private browser
- browser history cleaner to protect privacy
- Bookmark your favourite Page


Q: How to use XVault?
- Launch calculator Lock gallery vault to enter calculator.
- Set a 4-digit password on the calculator panel and press = to confirm your password.
- Enjoy the safest place in the world!
QWhat if I forget my password?
- Long Press of "="(Equal Button) to verify your security question and reset the password.
Note: If you forget your security question answer, we are helpless. so enter the right answer.

Now you can share your phone without worrying about any privacy problems.

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