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A new Seekers mission! Play fun seek and find mystery hidden object games free, search and find hidden objects needed to complete logic puzzles and brain teasers of one of the top new easy object finding games full of great mini-games!

Your sister Margaret was nearly killed in a recent explosion at Stonehenge, which has ripped opened two magical portals that are spewing ice and fire! Mi6 has sent one of their top agents to help contain the calamity before these elemental forces destroy the world. Team up with him and find a way to enter these new worlds and uncover the cause. Along the way youll discover the true purpose behind Stonehenge, one of the world's oldest mysteries, in this rich adventure game full of puzzles and brain teasers!

\tIts a battle of fire and ice!
These magical portals near Stonehenge are spewing scalding heat and freezing cold into our world in mysterious ways! Unless you can stop it using your logic skills to seek and find hidden objects needed, our entire planet could be destroyed! Can you complete every brain teaser?

\ tСможете ли вы спасти климат Земли?
This adventure game is full of puzzles, brains teasers and riddles! Play find games only hidden objects to find out how to close these gateways. Explore the worlds and complete logic puzzles and brain teasers!

\tDiscover the true purpose of this ancient monument!
Gather all the clues to get deeper into the legend of Stonehenge! Solve brain teasers of Vikings and Druids in seek and find games and download this breathtaking adventure game now!

\tInvestigate the mystery of the vikings in the bonus chapter!
You have a chance to solve other finding object games and logic puzzles in the Bonus Chapter and play a range of interesting and challenging puzzles, brain teasers and mini-games!

Эта игра имеет бесплатную пробную часть. Вы можете разблокировать полную версию через покупку в приложении.

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Solve brain teasers and logic puzzles in one of the best free hidden object games full adventure and find hidden treasures!

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