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This is a story of the robot, whose loving girl-friend was kidnaped.
This is a story of the robot, who went out to space.
This is a story of the robot, who assaulted his enemies.
This is a story of the robot, who did not give up shooting.
This is a story of the robot, whose mentor is YOU.
In this game, the battle system is fully automated. This means that the robot decides his next action on his own and that you cannot make orders. You cannot even help him nor disturb his enemies. All you can do is watch.

However, there are two things you can do BEFORE the match.
One is to train the robot. By using the thumbs up button and the thumbs down button, you can teach whether the robot is performing well or not. Discipline him well to make him a true WARRIOR.
You can also customize the rocket (or maybe the tank) the robot rides. The rocket will be made up of several blocks, each having their own weapon and each placed somewhere within the 5x5 square cells. A wisely designed and a cleverly built rocket is the booster to a glorious VICTORY.

See your student robot in the retro 8bit world.
See him war.
See him shoot.
See him dodge the laser beam.
…or maybe see our video below to make up your mind.

-If you want to play a stage you have already completed, tap the white flag.
-You can save 4 different modes each having their own algorithms and shape. We recommend you to train different modes based on different strategies. For example, you may possess a mode like a sniper (attacks the enemy from far away), while owning a mode just like the ancient Palatine (gallops around the field like a horse and shoot from all sides).
-The Genre of this game should be somewhere among breeding simulation, shooting and customizing.
-If you do not operate this for a long time, you may experience your tapping being ignored. In such cases, please clear the app from the memory.



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