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Road Rooster

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This version has been deprecated in favour of Road Rooster Pro. It has few major updates, along with some requested features. No No.. you are free to download and try.. it's just not being supported anymore. It used to work just fine, last time I checked ;-)

Road Rooster is a location based alarming system. When your location services are on, your exact location can be pinpointed with extreme accuracy. No no folks that does not means the app continuously checks for your location data. Rather it makes use of Google's fused location API to create a geofence around the destination. The radius provided as perimeter is the lowest bound for triggering an alarm. Whenever the devices comes within the range, Google's location service informs the same to the app. On receiving, the app triggers an alarm - letting you know that you have reached your destination.

Although the app has yielded good efficiency for smaller perimeters, it is suggested that the perimeters should be kept at higher value for expected outcomes. Because location updates are gps driven and how clear the reception will be, cannot be predicted for a journey. For the roosters to work correctly, you are requested to keep your location services turned on during the transit session. The app leaves no background services and hence does not eat up your battery. But tracking location itself is a battery effective procedure and hence can drain a little more juice out of your box. If you are a user who keeps location on throughout the hour, you won't be experiencing a difference.


- Support for more devices [ I was not able to test it on actual devices with lower versions of Android. Make sure to have an updated version of Google Play Services and keep Location Mode to High accuracy (i.e gps + wifi + mobile network). Do let me know in the comments, if the app crashes even after that ]
- Rooster Alarming feature improved.



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