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Hello and a Big Welcome to Quality Alphonso Mangoes, Sachin Arun Lanjekar Ratnagiri Hapus Mango Farms.

Hailing from the heartlands of Ratnagiri (Maharashtra, India), the home of the world renowned Ratnagiri alphonso (Hapoos) Mangoes Sachin Arun Langekar is a third-generation mango farmer. The Lanjekar family has been cultivating/ growing and farming mangoes in Ratnagiri since around 1950s.

If you happen to visit the Ratnagiri town, you only need to ask for/about the Quality Alphonso Mangoes - Lanjekar Mango Farms and just about anybody will immediately direct you to the sprawling 50-acre farms where some 3000 mango trees have been yielding close to a million (ten lakhs) of tasty, delicious, carbide free alphonso hapus mangoes annually. These mangoes are not just carbide free, but also certified by BLQ to be below Maximum Residue Levels.

Ratnagiri (and the adjoining district of Devgad) being rural areas where farmers at large do not possess much of formal education, a genuine Ratnagiri farmers website is a rare sight and from this perspective, the Sachin Lanjekar website www://QualityAlphonsoMangoes can be said to be the first website to have been created and brought online by an actual Ratnagiri & Devgad mango farmer.

We have a team of 100+ workers who are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of mango farming and selling work that includes mango tree and fruit care, harvesting, sorting, weighing, grading, packing and dispatch. Each piece of our mangoes is individually graded and weighed so that all the mangoes in every box we pack are of uniform size and weight.

All this goes to ensure that every single piece of mango you buy from us is of the best possible quality, in every respect.

No wonder, then, that our original, genuine ratnagiri-devgad mangoes have found wide acceptance not only throughout the length and breadth of India, but also in far and wide international destinations such as UK and other European countries, USA, Persian Gulf countries etc. No matter what your choice, there is one firm commitment that we can confidently make to you which is that all the ratnagiri-hapus mangoes you buy from us will be pure, all-natural and of the best possible quality.

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