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The REV Bible app was designed to give quick and convenient access to the Revised English Version Bible, the Bible translation produced by Spirit & Truth Fellowship International.

The REV translation project began by using the American Standard Version (ASV) of 1901 as a base text. Work began on this translation in the year 2000, and the first edition was released and printed in 2013. It is titled the Revised English Version because it is a translation of the ancient texts into English, and yet while it has much in common with other modern English versions, it also has significant differences.

We also have included helpful tutorial videos to help you understand all the features of the REV Bible app.


* Study over 1,000 pages of Bible commentary (just tap a verse if the verse number is red)
* Read in-depth Topical Appendices
* Navigate using the quick enter a verse jump menu
* Search using our robust search feature
* Customize your Bible reading experience with a vast array of preferences like light on Dark Theme, different font options, customizable font sizes, line height, etc.
* Check out the REV blog section for various translation decisions, perspectives on particular passages, and even struggles between multiple translation options.

The REV is designed to be a more literal translation whenever the literal rendering can be accurately reflected and understood in modern English vernacular. However, there are times when the REV has departed from a strict literal translation in order to make good sense in English. Strictly literal translations can be more difficult than helpful at times as the mechanics of Greek and Hebrew differ dramatically from English. In addition to grammatical and syntactical differences, idiomatic expressions are rarely cross-lingual as well. In any translation, the objective is to communicate the meaning of the original language in the receptor language. Therefore, if a literal translation obstructs this goal, a more functionally equivalent expression is employed in the Revised English Version.

We hope and pray that the REV Bible app will further your relationship with God and the Lord Jesus Christ. For more info, visit STFonline.org/rev

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