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Ultimate Jewel is a match-3 game with exotic theme. This brain teasing game will give you tons of fun with special designed levels. Show your best strategical moves to get higher score ranking and stars award to process to the next stage. Challenge every aspect of your brain to be the first one to clear all thousand levels!

• Simple rules to play - match 3 or more same colour jewels vertically or horizontally to clear all the tiles to get the golden key and bring it to the bottom

• Puzzle mode is for people who like to show off their skills and challenge their technique

• Zen mode is for leisure without any pressure

• You will experience a tuple when 4 jewels are aligned for a powerful bomb; a even more powerful bomb can be formed by combine two bombs in any colour. If 5 or more jewels are crushed, you will get a fire ball which will help you to clear one colour jewels on the game board

• 1000 fun and challenging levels in 10 stages

• Backup/Restore for transferring game data to new device, access this function under settings on main menu. Storage access permission will be required for some Android device.

• The Backup function will also run once automatically every week, so that you may restore your scores in case of data missing.

• Stars will be awarded at the end of each level, the coloured bar progress depends on how you clear all tiles and obtain the key with least moves, regardless of the score. So, choose your moves carefully.

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Redesigned some levels that are too difficult.

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