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Download this app named Cycling - Bike Tracker.

Track your pace, measure workout distance, count burned calories, crush training goals and more with the Cycling - Bike Tracker app. Stay on track, no matter where you are, on the trail or streets. Whatever your goal, be it to lose weight, shape and tone, build strength, get faster or improve endurance or just ride the bike, this fitness app will help you achieve your goals faster. With this app, you can track all of your exercise using GPS, check your stats, and reach your goals. Longer distances covered equals more calories burned, too! Take your first step today, download the free Cycling - Bike Tracker app on your phone and push yourself to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

On top of being a cycling tracker, bike tracker and fitness tracker, this app provides you with many more features to improve your fitness and ensure you’re enjoying your exercise.


* Hartați antrenamentele în timp real cu GPS și monitorizați progresul exercițiului
* Calculate route distance, duration, speed and calorie burn for your activity - in high accuracy and real time
* Get full report about your riding after you finish, with next informations: duration, distance, calories burned, average speed, max speed, average pace, percentage of time you riding bike slow, normal or fast and map with route you biking
* Advanced graphs for distance, time and calories burned, in 3 different intervals (week, month and year)
* Ciclism - aplicația Bike Tracker vă permite să stabiliți un obiectiv potrivit pentru dvs. (numărul de calorii arse, distanța parcursă sau timpul de mers pe bicicletă în timpul zilei) și să primiți notificări atunci când realizează.
* No wristband or other hardware required, no website login, just download for free and start tracking your exercise right away. Cycling - Bike Tracker app works entirely from your phone.
* Completați provocările oferite de aplicație și rămâneți motivați să mergeți mai mult cu bicicleta
* See your personal records that you made while you cycling
* Calculați-vă IMC cu ajutorul Calculatorului IMC
* Get audio updates while you exercise about your calorie count, pace, speed, distance and time


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