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Services Included in this subscription:

This subscription allow to run ApkOnline services and apps without any advertisement. Remember that Android Emulator ApkOnline simulates Android devices on your computer so that you can test your application on a variety of devices and Android API levels without needing to have each physical device.Emulator requires actual system images as the device so that the emulation working.

This is an emulator running from our IT infrastructure using Android Virtual Devices (AVDs). They run in QEMU and our architecture has been implemented in the following way:
- Emulator that runs directly on bare metal Linux machines by deploying the Android SDK to those machines.
- All your APK tests run inside the new emulator.
- Run several AVD emulators in the same servers using our own technology of containers

All the emulators use the same AVD created previously. And once the emulator is launched, you need to wait for it to fully finish booting before you can actually install and run APK tests. We inform end users about the launch progress providing a web access log to the adb command.
You must note that Emulator will be shut down automatically when the build has finished, and multiple instances of the same emulator are prevented from running concurrently for each user.

Main features:

- Can simulate complex network environments. Each running instance of the emulator has a separate virtual router allowing complex simulations and setups.
- SD card emulation support. A disk image can be loaded into the emulator on startup to act as an SD card. This can be done via AVD Manager or mksdcard utility. While the SD card cannot be removed from a running emulator, files can still be moved, copied to and from, and removed from the card.
- The virtual device is capable of playing back audio
- Accelerometer support and Flexible interface
- Various power characteristics can be emulated. Via the power command, AC charging state as well as battery state, presence, health and capacity can be changed.
- Other features: Back, Home, Overview, Menu; Directional Pad, Navigation Style: None, D-pad, Trackball, Wheel.