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This application is a REG, commonly known as a Random Event Generators. The first REG device was realized by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) institute.

Its main idea is that if an invisible energy field disrupts the Universe then the field of statistical distribution is changed.

For example, in a neutral universe, if we take a six-sided die and run it, we have a one out of six chance of having a six, a five, a four, a three, a two or one. Now if it is located in an influenced universe then probabilities must change, the homogeneous statistics distribution field is no more.
This application is heavily inspired from the work presented in the books of Lynne McTaggart that concern the zero point field.

The application is divided in three modes:
- Analyzer: Initiates random draws of 0 and 1 and indicates the distribution as a graph or table. In theory, inside a neutral universe you have 50% of 0 and 50% of 1, but what about every day. In this free version, you can use the analyzer for 10 minutes.
- Guess Experience: To test your ability to see the future, the computer will take a value and you will have to guess. You can use 0/1 values or the 5 psychic cards.
- Influence Experience: This mode reproduces the experimental procedure described in the book The Field by Lynne McTaggart. The aim is to influence the computer so that the result represents what you wanted. You have a configurable amount of time while the computer will generate values and and during which you can influence it.

For each mode, using the preferences, you can change the type of random generator you want to use as well as other parameters such as the number of digits drawn and statistical percentage that seems to bring out the changes in Field.

Seen on Cuarto-milenio (

After performing an experiment or analysis, you can view all the results via the search screen.
A right swipe (slide) will send the results by email, a left swipe (slide) will allow you to erase the experiment. A click will display all values associated with the experiment.

- the free version will let you run the analyzer for 10 minutes
- the free version will show a small advertising in the first screen
- the free version will not propose a remote server producer for random numbers

More information are available on the web site

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Developer: Ferret Renaud

Genre: Tools

App version: 1.15

App size: 2.3M

Recent changes: Corrected an issue with notifications
Update to AndroidX
Android 9 Compatibility
Update Google Ads


Good enough. But how to interpret th graph?

It helps me a lot

actually i really clueless about this app but it seems hid something intresting subject that i itself need to understand the application purpose. any info that i can refer and research to understand more about this?

Interesting. It's too bad it was made by a capitalist though. Currency is an archaic concept"