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Run this app named Quran BluePrints Lite or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Quran BluePrints endeavors to provide a personalized blueprint/ outline/ layout/ map/ pattern of all 114 surahs in the Quran, using memory enhancement techniques.

It is a simple, pragmatic approach to help you understand the Noble Quran like never before. With the original concept of mind-mapping word patterns, it looks to take your relationship with the Quran to soaring heights. No prior knowledge of classical Quranic arabic is necessary!

QBP's goal is to insha Allah help people who do not know classical Arabic revolutionize their relationship with the Quran by enhancing their Quranic comprehension, reflection and memorization; thus, by extension, increasing the quality of and love for their salah.

To build a close relationship with the Quran which entails understanding and implementing Allah's commandments as well as aiding in attaining 'khushu' in salah is a tremendous goal, This is because it will insha Allah transform your very existence not just in this world but more importantly in the Hereafter. Thus, in a nutshell, the purpose of QBP is to help you fulfill the purpose of your life.

QBP assists using 3 concepts;


Have you ever looked into a sky full of clouds and seen all sorts of animals and faces? It's a common phenomenon that many have experienced. You may even have heard of the famed 'Face on Mars' photo captured by NASA's Viking spacecraft or the phenomenon of assuming to hear hidden messages in audio played at higher speeds/ lower speeds/ in reverse. This is all because our brains are hard-wired to seek patterns and it can even be classified as a 'pattern recognition machine'.
In fact, one may argue that one of the miraculous reasons the Quran is the most memorized book in the history of the world is because of the inimitable use of rhymes at the ends of verses, in the middle of verses and elsewhere. Rhymes, after all, are a subset of linguistic patterns.
Since our brains have an intrinsic ability to recognise patterns - connect the dots as it were - information that exhibits patterns are more easily processed and stored in our brains.
With this in mind, Quran Blueprints is an attempt to tap into this valuable resource by grouping together multiple verses so as to help people retain and reflect over the meanings of the various surahs in the Quran. It can also assist in Quran memorization. All this is through the use of mind mapping word patterns which are seen in the Reflection Points (Component 1).
[Please read QBP's Components (in the app) to learn of Components 1,2,3]


After reading the Quranic verses ('Actual Verse Set'; Component 3) associated with a 'Reflection Point' (Component 1), the corresponding 'Reflection Point' serves as a reminder of the material in these verses.
However, if you forget the Quranic verses associated with a 'Reflection Point' then going through the 'Summarised Verse Set' (Component 2) can help jog your memory. The 'Summarized Verse Sets' are colored in a sequence; dark blue, light blue, purple; a repetitive color sequence is also designed to facilitate retention of the number of sections in a surah. Simply going over all the 'Reflection Points' of a surah in your head can help give you an overview of the material in that entire surah.


We have different sets of neurons for hearing, seeing, writing, contemplating, and the like. The more neurons we simulateneously stimulate and engage in different areas of the brain, the more effective the learning experience.
Quran BluePrints looks to activate as many areas of your brain as possible.As you play the audio to listen to the Quran recitation, you visually follow the English translation. As you contemplate the verses, you also process and store the material within into separate organised portions, according to the Reflection Points'.

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Developer: Waleed Fahmy

Recent changes: QBP Manual link updates