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Quiz games are a great way to improve your knowledge and IQ. This knowledge quiz app will give you a great time full of delight besides doing these things.
This quiz app has:
- Thousands of questions
- A large variety of quiz and trivia categories
- Great gameplay modes
- MCQ quiz app mode, and True or False quiz game mode.
- 50/50 and Skip Question options
- Quiz game for students
- Good for who look for an interview quiz app

Quiz trivia games are types of games in which the participants are asked different questions about various topics and they have to give the right answer to as much questions as possible. In today's world, knowledge quiz games are highly popular because they are fun, and they provide knowledge and improve cognitive skills as well.

Many spend hours playing online quiz games with friends or alone.
What we wanted to do with our Quizix V2020 app is presenting some online quizzes to our users that are fun and knowledgeable at the same time. This MCQ quiz game is perfect for you if you are looking for Smart quiz games that works as educational quiz apps for students or a software engineering quiz app, as this app mostly covers educational and IT related quizzes.

However, it also covers trivia and logic quizzes where you can play quiz game about various subjects like sports and general knowledge.

How to Play:

Mainly there are two kinds of quiz games you can play using this smart quiz app. 1. MCQ quiz app mode AKA, MCQ question answer app mode, and 2. True/False Mode.

First, you'd need to select a category to play quiz. You'll be presented with a set of questions, and there will be multiple answers for you to choose from. Give the correct answer and you will see the next questions.

If you choose the True or False game, you'll see facts or information that are either true or false. Answer correctly and you'll get the next one.

Special Features:

# Make it 50/50:
When questions get really tough, you can choose the 50/50 option to omit 2 wrong question.

# Skip Question:
If you can't answer a question in any way, you can skip the question and move to the next one and answer the skipped question later.

# Gain Life Again:
If you fail to answer a certain number of questions correctly, you'll be out of the quiz session. However, you can always gain some extra lives by watching short videos.

# Interview preparation questions:
If you are looking for an interview quiz app which will help you to prepare for interviews (mostly for IT related jobs) - this app is a goldmine of questions for you.

Prime Categories:

The Prime categories of this MCQ quiz game are mostly IT related. There are thousands of questions under each category for you to have fun and learn new things. Take a look:

# Interview Preparation:
This category contains questions and quizzes that will help you in interviews.

# Programming & IT MCQs:
If you are looking for a Programming mcq app, or a core java quiz app, or a Programming quiz app - this app is perfect for you. It features thousands of programming and IT MCQs, and if you want to play Programming quiz games - this programming mcq app will blow your mind with fun and significant questions.
If you are also looking for C programming quiz app, or C++ programming mcqs app, or Php quiz app or any other programming quiz app - all are featured in the sub-categories. This True/False and MCQ quiz app features more than 1000 questions for each category and sub category - therefore, you will have all in one.

# Operating System MCQs:
This will test and expand your knowledge about all operating systems.
Either specific or general areas, the quiz games are designed to allow the players to have fun playing quizzes besides allowing them the benefit of expanding and improving their knowledge and IQ. The best prize you can win playing educational quiz games is confidence and knowledge.

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Developer: Scottline Technologies Pvt. Ltd.