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Looking for something truly random? Look no further. If youre in need of a completely objective way to make a decision or intend a specific outcome, Light Riders Quantum Arcade is a randomization tool that utilizes QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generation) to provide outcomes of chance across a variety of games. If you need to flip a coin, play rock, paper, scissors, or even need lottery numbers, this app is for you.

Traditional random number generation and randomness in encryption and games of chance is based on mathematical probabilities produced by computers. In short, its not truly random because its generated from software-based algorithms. With quantum-based randomness, the outcomes are based on the physical behavior of photons a non-repeating, completely unpredictable, and physically-based approach that has no repetition or algorithm behind it like traditional computer modeling.

Light Riders Quantum Arcade gives you the ability to push a button and receive a completely random outcome- perfect when you need to flip a coin or get a number. The quantum chips that produce this effect can help you randomize decisions, lead you in a certain direction, or create a desired outcome.

Additionally, since quantum mechanics at the photonic level is directly correlated to observability and consciousness, you can influence the supernatural outcomes of quantum randomness through your intention into the app to your preference. In other words, it can be random or you can influence the future.

Unlock the intentional power of the universe as it assists you in arriving at quantum conclusions. Use the coin flip to decide which house to buy, what job offer to accept, or where to order takeout tonight. Dueling over who should take out the trash? Let Rock, Paper, Scissors handle it. Need a lottery number that you can feel good about it? Intend it from the app.

With Light Rider, you create the outcomes through a partnership with nature.
By quantum. From quantum.

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Developer: LightRider

Genre: Simulation

App version: 1.0

App size: 31M