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QR scanner-Bar code Scanner

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Download this app named QR scanner-Bar code Scanner.

QR scanner / Barcode Scanner

QR scanner / Barcode Scannerr is a best fastest reader app for all android devices. It is a fabulous auto scanner app which recognizes barcodes (QR codes) and provides you interpretation of given input. It easily fulfills all requirements for QR scanner app and for different Barcodes formats. QR Scanner and Barcode scanner enable your phone to scan, read, decode and also share scanned data.QR scanner-Bar code Scanner

QR Code scanner is a best scanner app. It is very easy to use, you turn on the app then watches QR code or Barcode by camera and let camera to scan code or barcode lines. After focusing you will see scanned information related to QR code or Barcode. To scan QR codes or to scan barcodes simply open the app and focus on what that you want to scan. It will automatically scans and tells you related appropriate outputs.
QR scanner or reader scans QR code shows all relevant information related to that QR code same like it Barcode reader reads the barcode lines and tells you all information related to that specific thing , you just have to click on web to find out all information related to that particular bar lines. You don't need to get specific bar code scanner app or QR scanner app.
By using QR scanner / Barcode Scanneryou will able to get two services barcode reader QR scanner-Bar code Scanner plus QR scanner. After using this tiny scanner pro (micro scanner) you will forget other scanner products after using it. Very simple and free mobile scanning app through which you can scan envelopes, scan Facebook passcodes, scan Whats App codes, scan email, scan url, expense scanner, film scanner, find addresses, useful for finding price target(wholesale rate) and scan effective price. It will be the best auto text scanner app ever you used. It is a free barcode reader with premium scanner (powerful scanner).

How to use QR & Barcode Scanner?
To use this app you have to simply follow these steps:
- Open the app in your device.
- Focus on the QR or Barcode lines.
- Let camera to scan the QR or barcode lines gently.
- Output of QR code is shown to your screen.
- In case of barcode after scanning click on web button to see related information’s.

Feature of QR & Barcode Scanner
* QR & barcode scanner can scan any QR code or Barcode.
* qr reader and barcode scanner contains flash light which helps to scan in dark.
* QR & barcode scanner scan aadhaar code.
* QR & barcode scanner scans jio codes.
* QR & barcode scanner scans all formats of QR and Barcode.
* QR & barcode scanner scan whats app codes
* QR & barcode scanner scan Facebook codes
* QR & barcode scanner scan insta codes
* QR & barcode scanner scan twitter codes
* QR & barcode scanner scan visiting card
* QR & barcode scanner scan ID cards
* QR & barcode scanner scan tickets
* QR and barcode scanner Auto text scanner
* Keep history of old scan.
* Use less memory space. Bar code scanner and qr reader will use less memory.
* qr scanner can calculates results with high efficiency.
* Very simple and easy to use.
* Totally FREE!




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