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Q+ is a hearing app that provides you with an enhanced hearing experience. Q+ is intuitive, affordable, easily available and provides multiple listening settings for different sound environments (quiet and noisy).

With sophisticated technology inside, Q+ harnesses the processing power of your phone, giving you:

* Inbuilt hearing tests calibrated for precision per ANSI standards
* Intelligently-adjusted sound per hearing test results
* High-quality sound enhancement by using the same algorithms as hearing aids
* Wide bandwidth -up to 8000 Hz- for improved comprehension and clarity of sound
* Automatic adjustment of amplification to reduce feedback (whistling sound)
* Versatile controls for customizing listening experiences
* Environmental noise reduction

Q+ can be used with a phone's headset for improved speech comprehension and enhanced perception of environmental sounds.

INBUILT HEARING TEST: The starting point for using Q+ is an inbuilt hearing test that uses a simple progression of tones played at varying intensities/pitches to get a map of hearing ability. The test is designed to be simple, yet exact, and is calibrated for accuracy per ANSI standards for audiometry. It intelligently performs audiometry and monitors ambient noise to check if the location is too loud for a test. Users who have access to their audiogram can enter their known hearing thresholds as a starting point instead of taking the test.

Quadio recommends taking the test in a quiet environment for accurate results.

INTELLIGENT SOUND ENHANCEMENT: Based on the results of the test, Q+ uses proprietary audio algorithms to process sounds signals according to hearing requirements. The algorithms have been developed after significant research and provide a clear, comfortable and crisp listening experience.

CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS: Control your listening experience in different environments. Choose from three baseline sound quality types (bass/midrange/treble boost), switch noise reduction on/off, and fine-tune the sound type by controlling how different types of sounds are treated (soft, loud, speech and distant sounds).

ADAPTIVE FEEDBACK CANCELLATION: Q+ performs adaptive feedback cancellation to eliminate whistling/howling sounds that emanate because of the high amplification performed inside the app coupled with close proximity of the headset mic to the speakers. If needed, you can choose to use the phone mic instead of the one in the headset.

COMPATIBILITY: While the Q+ app is available for all smartphones operating on Android 5.0 and above, it is currently calibrated and works optimally for LG Nexus 5X when using the stock headset.

Q+ works most effectively with an Android operating system with a latency of less than 50 milliseconds (ms). For some phones the delay is much more than 50 ms, which results in lip-sync issues and a feeling of slurring of speech for the user. Android powers hundreds of models of phones, each with its own unique hardware. The Q+ signal processing software runs on a phone's hardware and must be calibrated for each phone with its headset to ensure that the app output is optimal.

Certified and tested releases will be announced on our website (, Twitter (@QuadioHearing) and Facebook ( web pages.

DISCLAIMER: Before using any hearing correction mechanism, responsible self healthcare mandates having your ears/hearing health assessed by a medical professional to rule out any treatable causes of hearing loss and identify rightly the requirement for a hearing correction mechanism.

Though the Q+ hearing test is designed to be accurate, results may vary based on the depth of insertion of earphones into the ears and ambient noise. Test results should not be construed as a substitute for an audiological evaluation performed by an audiologist.

Q+ limits the sound output levels based on hearing loss but care should be taken to ensure that the loudness of the output is comfortable.

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