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Download this app named PureLocum.

The App is for healthcare professionals either looking for locum work or healthcare practice owners offering locum work. It is a platform to bring the locums in direct contact with the practices.

There will be two types of users, Locums and Practice owners/managers.

Each user must register before using the App. They will enter basic details and an optional photo for their profiles. Admin will have access to this information which can be verified to activate their profiles.

All the functions of the App appear when you click the top left hand corner of the App. There is a drop down box of all the features.

The practices have access to the locum database. They can search the database and message a specific locum or view the locums profile to get access to their contact details. The other option the practice has is to use the booking system. They can post a job, the job will then be accessible to view by all the locums. They can also offer a job to specific locums instead of posting it on the general jobs board. Locums can then accept or reject the jobs offered to them. If locums apply for a job it comes up on the pending jobs tab for the practices. Once they have confirmed the pending application it appears on the scheduled section of the jobs tab. And once completed they can close the job to be placed in the completed tab.

The locums can register and then view all the jobs on the jobs board. They can click on the job and then message the practice directly or apply for the job. If the job has been applied for it falls into the pending tab and will only go onto the confirmed tab when the practice has confirmed they accept the application. The locums will also receive messages from the practices and can reply from the message section if they wish to do so.

The practices can search the locum database using different search criteria to search for specific locums that may suit them. They can search the criteria using 2 different search methods. They can search locums by distance from their practice and alphabetical order.

The locums can search jobs by different search criteria to search specific jobs or to list the jobs in a specific order. They can search by rate of pay, search by date or specific date.

The home page is a calendar. The calendar can be viewed in a weekly planner or a monthly planner. The dates where jobs are pending are in bold and then when the date is clicked the job appears at the bottom. You can change the calendar view to view all scheduled jobs by clicking on the scheduled button on the top right hand corner, the calendar will then show all scheduled jobs.

The users can get notifications of pending jobs. All locums can also update their availability.

There is also a contact page with an email address. This is to contact admin for any queries, you can email directly from the page.




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