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Choose Your Own Adventure, 4 Zork books, interactive story-books

-The Forces of Krill

The first book in the Zork series, The Forces of Krill utilized familiar Zork locations and scoring systems. Bivotar and Juranda are on a quest to find the three Palantirs of Zork and to defeat the evil sorcerer Krill. There were 20 possible endings.

-The Malifestro Quest

The second book in the Zork series, "The Malifestro Quest" contained several inside jokes for those familiar with the Zork games. Bivotar and Juranda must rescue the hero Syovar from the evil wizard Malifestro along with Fred and Max, two quirky elves. There were 18 possible endings.

-The Cavern of Doom

The third book in the Zork series, "The Cavern of Doom" tried to capture the "exploring the dungeon" motif of the earlier games. Bivotar and Juranda search the Cavern of Doom, an uncharted portion of the Great Underground Empire and the site of several mysterious disappearances, including the elves Fred and Max. There were 17 possible endings.

- Conquest at Quendor
The fourth book in the Zork series, the "Conquest of Quendor", featured silly riddles reminiscent of Zork II. Bivotar and Juranda search for the Helm of Zork in an attempt to bring peace to the Land of Frobozz, in defiance of Jeearr, a riddle-telling demon. There are 17 possible endings.

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