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SaveAWattHour is an Android application which offers smart personalized advices for lowering energy consumption to protect the environment and reduce bills. It can also be used as an educational tool for everyone who wants to learn how to save their energy during the day by taking into account the local temperature, the appliances installed at home, and the billing rates.

By using the above info the App generates a list of energy reduction actions users can take for the upcoming 24hrs. These events allow users to learn and understand how energy consumption can be reduced and when to act. Users can choose to publish their selected actions on Facebook. Depending on how many days with actions undertaken they have, users earn badges. Top rated users are awarded the champion title at the end of each month, receiving an electronic champion certificate that they can share with their Facebook friends.

In their App account, users can see their worldwide ranking, including the number of days they took actions to reduce consumption, and how many days they still need to take action in to advance in the global ranking. Besides statistics, users are also able to visualize the worldwide event map by accessing the App website.

To ensure they are kept up-to-date with the most recent information regarding potential energy reduction events users receive offline notifications regarding energy reduction events and ongoing worldwide campaigns. Campaigns are coordinated events which target specific number of actions within a given time frame.

You take action and the world wins!

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