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Discover a new way to feel and live the wine
Winerim is a wine recommender for the high-class restaurants, whose large cellars need a wine list with exclusive features. The tool offers to the professionals of the high-class restaurants the choice to enable their clients to choose the suitable wine according to their preferences. Apart from that, Winerim puts available to diners a wine consultant, which will allow them to make the right selection of the wine based on their tastes, in an easy way and with all information they need.

How does Winerim work?
The client of the restaurant, using his own mobile device, can access to the wine recommender and make the selection of the wine which will match the plate. It is possible thanks to our intuitive selection filters.
In addition, the restaurants who use tablets to show the digitized wine list, can integrate readily the application in this device.

Why is Winerim incomparable?
To know the singularity of a wine reference is very facile with Winerim. The wine recommender gives information of the tasting notes of each harvest and the labels of the tastes and flavors. Furthermore, Winerim provide the diners with filters to make the adequate selection of the wine bottle depending on the plate pairing, type of wine, his region, his country, the type of grape, the cellar, the bottles vintage and his price.
Each bottle is shown in Winerim with a high-resolution image of the bottle. The users, clients and professionals can access to a wide digital platform to select their wine. They can also use a tool where theyll find prominent wines, chosen previously by a group of experts, in order to taste these wines or receive special offers.

Why is Winerim is the best tool for your restaurant?
Winerim is an opportunity to digitize the wine list with a professional design, which includes an intelligent recommendation system capable to fit with the tastes of the client. The platform could support the sommelier or become a sommelier. Winerim could be adapted to the corporate image of each restaurant, and offers a data base of more than 200.000 wine references, that can be updated instantly by the restaurant.

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