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Meet the new stunning game mod! Giant ancient mobs will decorate your game and make it really exciting on minecraft maps! In this add-on you will meet a famous monster, a mixture of a dragon and a dinosaur, which brings fear to everyone around you - Godzilla, you will also have access to other ancestors of Godzilla, flying creatures superior to ordinary dragons and even Fire Zilla! All giants with unique skills, armor, attack animation and graphics. The strongest and biggest monkey in the animal kingdom has also been added to the mod, namely the boss Kong! You can create battles between them or direct them to your opponents. Zombies, spiders simply won't stand a chance against such giants! Crafting in your game is very simple, all zillas and congas will be available in your inventory when you add this mod and absolutely free! Call your friends and give them a real show in the world!

Aviso Legal: Este é um aplicativo não oficial para Minecraft. Este aplicativo não é afiliado à Mojang AB. O nome do Minecraft, a marca registrada do Minecraft e os Ativos do Minecraft são propriedade da Mojang AB ou de seu proprietário respeitoso. Todos os direitos reservados.

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