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The book of Proverbs and Psalm contains unique contents among the books in the Old Testament. Both widely read and highly treasured books of the Old Testament, the book of Proverbs and Psalm contain wise sayings, songs of praises, encouragements, and prayers of the Jewish people.

The chapters of the book of Proverbs are divided into three parts:
• Chapter 1 – 9 is addressed to the youth and Solomon writes on how to acquire wisdom through listening to your parent’s advice and on following a godly path.
• Chapter 10 – 24 shows the contrast between a wise person and foolish person, between good and evil which is addressed to generally all people seeking wisdom and a godly lifestyle.
• Chapter 25 – 31 is addressed for leaders regarding wisdom, warnings and instructions that would benefit in leading people to a godly lifestyle.

While the chapters of the book of Psalms are divided into five parts:
• Psalm 1 – 41 is about the matters of human life, personal connection between man and God
• Psalm 42 – 72 is about the matters of the Israelites and their relationship with God.
• Psalm 73 – 89 is about God’s law and sanctuary.
• Psalm 90 – 106 is about the nation of Israel and all other nations.
• Psalm 107 – 150 is about the Word of God and the matters of His heart.

The book of Proverbs is written mainly by King Solomon, displaying God’s wisdom in his life but there are also others writers such as Lemuel and Agur while the book of Psalm is mostly written by King David, the father of Solomon and also other writers such as the sons of Korah, to Asaph, to Solomon and Moses.

The book of Proverbs and Psalm both have different purpose but both books teaches, instructs, inspires, and guides the readers to a godly lifestyle, to a knowledge of God’s heart and His character, and to life’s perspectives that pleases the Lord.

The book of Proverbs teaches the readers and believers about godly wisdom and lifestyle with the foundation of the fear of the Lord (see Prov. 9:10) while the book of Psalm reveals to the readers and believers about the heart of God, the cry of the Israelites, prophecies about Jesus Christ and encouragements with prayers in times of troubles, sorrows, sufferings and trials.

Both Psalm and Proverbs have unique voice and style but both its purpose is for believers to grow in wisdom, knowledge and a closer relationship with God.


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