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Protractor tool is an application that facilitates the task of measuring angles on an object or surface, and also works as a plumb instrument and digital inclinometer to determine if a plane or a surface are in perfectly vertical position (plumb). It is very useful in case you do not have a real protractor, and you need to perform some geometric task. In case it is used as a plumb line or inclinometer it is a useful tool to perform some work in the area of construction, masonry, or carpentry, or simply if it is required to adjust the inclination of an object in the home.

It has three modes of operation:
* Manual angle measurement: by moving each red line of the protractor you can choose the desired angle, in a range of 0 to 180 degrees.
* Plumb line and digital inclinometer: used to measure the verticality of an object or the angle of inclination. It also includes the option of relative angle (relative zero).
* Measurement of angles automatically: useful in case you need to measure the angle between two inclinations. The horizontal base inclination is selected, and then by rotating the phone the angle with respect to the base inclination is obtained.

Other features that can be highlighted:
* 360 degree rotation of the protractor.
* Lower or upper protractor display.
* Includes a digital display that shows the inclination with greater accuracy and in a practical way.
* The digital display also displays arrow icons to know at all times the direction of inclination (to the right or left).
* Function to choose the type of display unit, allowing to display in degrees or radians.
* In the case that it is used as a plumb line or inclinometer, it gives the possibility of calibration. This feature helps to adjust the correct horizontality of the phone, since the measurement delivered by the phone's sensor can be deviated from the correct angle.
* If you need to measure angles or level items remotely, you have the option to display the image delivered by the phone's camera as the background of the view.
* It has an option to capture the screen.
* Pause mode to block any action that moves the angle obtained.

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Developer: Maleirbag

Genre: Tools

App version: 1.2.1

App size: 13M

Recent changes: * Compatibility improvements.
* Bug fixed of minor errors.


This is the 6th and final protractor I've tried and finally the last. By far, hands down the easiest, most accurate tool of this nature out there. The fact that I can manipulate everything I need to with one hand while working with the other says how simple it is to use. Don't change a thing.

Just learning how to use it. It is not completely intuitive, but one catches on in a few minutes and pushing buttons. Could be made better with instructions.

Great tool and very useful thanks for your efforts. My only drawback and I do understand they are necessary are the adds! They pop up at THE most inopportune moments.

It's absolutely amazing to have such a super app in the phone. Once I was lucky to use it during my math test work in class. It helped me a lot. Easy and quick to use.

It was okay but being a student who uses a PLD (personal learning device) it's a bit tricky when trying to figure out reflex angles but it was still good."