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Download this app named Prime Factors.

A handy app that will factorize any number you throw at it within seconds, up to 19 digits. Main focus is simple, clean, holo UI. User experience is of utmost importance to me. Your prime factors will be neatly displayed in powers in a list for you so easily see.

Current features:

- Factorizes your numbers, displays in powers, eg. "The prime factorization of 512 is 2^9"
- Factors numbers up to 18 digits (more than leading competitors)
- Localized for multiple languages
- Fluid, responsive UI
- Option for light or dark theme

I will be adding more features in future releases. Some planned features include:

- GCF and LCM
- Allowing you to enter powers and factorials
- Listing number of factors
- Listing all the factors
- Showing sum and product of factors
- Showing factors that are squares, cubes, etc.
- Simplifying radicals and/or fractions
- If all of the above is completed smoothly, solving quadratic equations and having the option of leaving answer in radical form.

Any feature request will be considered, and if within my abilities, and if I have time, I will add. Please enjoy this app, and buy the donate version (click more by developer) if you wish to support me. This is my first app so if there are any bugs please don't rate one star, but email me and I'll try to fix ASAP. I will also hopefully be writing more apps in the future.

All graphics and images are made by my friend at GigabiteHD.



- More bug fixes
- Minor UI tweaks
- Added settings options
- Added option to use dark theme
- Temporarily removed Japanese and Korean translations


- Fixed derp bug


- UI remains responsive during calculations
- Added button to cancel calculations
- Added Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and French translations
- Progress spinner during calculations
- More fluid user experience
- Other bug fixes



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