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Pop Balloon!! what is this? How to play the game, to know how to get from the Pop Balloon games are fun and adventure, Toff has been used inside the game, will help to throw the shells, which would break the cannon goals Buns you 25 levels of this game you will play repeatedly, This game is the animation you very much, that you very attractive, Touch the cannon to move left and right; touch the fire button to shoots darts. Carefully time your shots to destroy the balloons while avoiding contact with them.

Pop Balloons a fun, simple but challenging game where you shoot balloons when they are over buckets to collect packets. You can play survival mode and different missions. Featuring a unique game play and graphical style, it also offers amazing power-ups to increase the fun.

Pop Balloon has so many levels, Level 1 puzzle is just easy, but after a while, the levels will get you a amazing levels, each level you have a balloon popping, which Sabre hard to burst so you Pop Balloon Levels gamer will enjoy and will see your intelligence, so you will find a calm and relaxed.

The war has never been so much fun! Use a canon to attack the Balloons, but be careful: some of our
soldiers had been captured and hold as hostages. Shoot all the balloons and save your brothers in arms!
An arcade ballistic simulation game. Are you a cannon fodder or a canon gunner? Destroy the enemies

Pop Balloon is a fun pirate themed game where you shoot a cannonball into a barrel. Pop Balloons fun, challenging, and addicting to play, Use the up and down arrows to aim the cannon and then touch the "Fire" button to shoot. In some levels you will need to adjust the amount of power you use to shoot the cannon. The goal of the game is to get the cannonball into the barrel to unlock the next level. The levels have objects that can effect the cannonball.

There are different levels with unique arrangement of the objects. Just smash them to the ground to clear each level, The physics used in this game is very accurate and interesting. You will surely enjoy it.

Game Features :

- Dangers levels
- 25 amazing Levels
- Sound and background music
- Tap and hold set target and throw
- Choose the correct power for more effective shooting
- Use plunging fire to strike the remote balloons
- Strike bricks, decks and boxes to make them unstable and hit enemies
- Helmets are good for ricochet
- Enemies are green, our soldiers are red don’t hurt them!
- Addicting Smartphone puzzles
- Gorgeous graphics with different locations
- Constant updates of New locations
- Fun for all ages
- it’s FREE!
- Achievements
- Awesome items
- Game is free, no purchase required.
- Lots of fun in this game
- Pop Balloon new game

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