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Run this app named Poker Odds Calc or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

The simplest, fastest and most convenient app to calculate your poker odds and equity. In other words - poker odds calculator.

Modern and convenient design will allow you to get the most accurate prediction of your chances of winning in Texas Holdem in a matter of seconds.

The general idea is extremely simple. When your odds are high, you should play in such a way as to draw as many bets from your opponents as possible. If your chances of winning this game are low, you need to think twice before accepting bets. It might be better to fold and try next hand. Although of course you can always bluff, but then our application will not help you with anything.

We did not overload our application with a lot of unnecessary features such as poker learning or poker quizzes. This is not the main task of our application. The main task is to give you odds, fast and accurate.

The main feature gives you high-quality predictions with which you can improve your level of poker. If you know the exact odds of winning each game, you can win many more games.

A few words about the algorithm. We used the Monte Carlo method. Yeah, the same Monte Carlo algorithm that is used to train artificial intelligence and neural networks around the world. Isn't that cool?

We go through all the possible situations and estimate the odds of winning this particular game with this particular hand based on a huge amount of calculation.

Yes, we use the power of your device to do these calculations. Obviously, the more powerful your device is, the more accurate calculations you can afford (the accuracy adjustment function will appear soon)

The most interesting thing is that our algorithm will be able to give you your chances of winning with almost no data. You will get your real chances of winning on the preflop, flop, thorn, and river. Using this data, you can decide whether you should play further or it's time to fold the cards. The closer to the end of the game, the more accurate your chances will be. Also, the fewer players there are at the table, the more accurate and faster the application will work.

Last but not least, our app is completely free, but there are some limitations. You can do 20 calculations every day, which will allow you to play over 700 reliable games a year. But in order to be able to play as much as you want and remove all restrictions, as well as get access to all current and future features of the application (such as advanced settings, changing the difficulty and speed of calculations, simulating one offline deck for several hands, etc.) you must purchase a subscription or lifetime access to the app. We do not force anyone to do anything and we guarantee that we use the same algorithm for the free version and for the paid version, therefore, this is only your decision, if 20 games a day are enough for you, please use our application and win at poker! But if you want more, you know what to do

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Developer: Nightingale Inc.