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Become a 'Wellbeing Warrior' and tackle the real issues for health and wellbeing. This app will help you to think well, eat well, move well, drink well and sleep well.

Think Well.
The ability to be more positive and focused both at work and in everyday life is a highly desirable driving force for the continued success of your business. As little as thirty minutes of moderate intensity exercise can help to improve the cognitive functions associated with better decision making for the rest of the day.

Eat Well.
The foods that we choose to consume on a daily basis can have enormous repercussions on the quality of our functionality throughout the day. We have a vast range of learning and tracking resources, including monthly food plans to inspire your workforce and teach them how to make healthy food decisions.

Move Well.
Podfit classes last just 30-45 minutes and offer an intensive workout designed to accommodate all employees, regardless of their age or fitness level. We provide a variety of different classes, to ensure that throughout the week your employees are receiving a well balanced, professional fitness programme. Its the perfect corporate wellbeing solution for the busy workforce.

Drink Well.
Water is required by every cell in the body and essential for all our anatomical functions. It helps to transport oxygen and nutrients critical to the brain for optimal function. Alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks on the other hand provide very short term benefits , but can lead to sleeplessness, dependency and reduced cognitive ability.

Sleep Well.
Sleep is an essential part of your daily routineyou spend about one-third of your life doing it. Quality sleep and its efficacy are just as important to your survival as food and water. Without sleep you cant form or maintain the pathways in your brain that allow you to learn and create new memories. It becomes harder to concentrate and respond efficiently. Physical activity has been proven to greatly improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

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