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PL Droid - PLDroid - Piccolink protocol emulator for Android. Emulates RF600 / RF601 / RF650 / RF651 hand terminals.

This free version allows 10 minutes of usage each week. Subscriptions (monthly/yearly) are available in-app.
Pricing: 35€/month, 95€/year [VAT excluded].

Connects to PLServer through device's network connection (EDGE / 3G / WLAN / VPN).

App requires that there is possibility to connect through IP. If your app is now connected through serial port to accesspoint, consider purchasing serial port converter (TCP to serial port).

Options / Features
* Possibility to create multiple connection profiles and switch them easily
* Option to define profile-dependent timeout [When connecting to slower hosts]
* Optional beep on button press [Setting: Beep on button press]
* Optional feature to approve buttons just by touch, without OK [Settings: Activate buttons by touch]

When connected to server, you can press buttons by touch or scroll through buttons/fields with volume up/down -buttons.

Barcode reading
PLDroid has integrated barcode reader. You can read barcodes using camera on your device.

If you need quicker read results, you can always use Bluetooth -connected barcode reader (for example Opticon OPN -series).

Barcode reading settings
If you are scanning in dimly lit environments, flash can be beneficial. You can enable flash (scanning light) on barcode reading screen, pressing Menu-button and selecting "Enable/disable flash". Usually keeping flash on makes barcode reading little bit faster.

On specific situations there is a possibility that barcode can be read incorrectly. If you encounter this, try "Enable/disable redundancy". When enabled, app reads barcode twice to make sure that it is read correctly. Redundancy makes reading little bit slower.

For customized versions please contact


added support for SpcCmd.



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