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Tsuku is a game of mirror moves that takes 2 minutes to learn, but 2 million minutes to master. I assume.

Tsuku is the first direct adaptation of the physical board game SHBU. The rules are the same: each player makes two moves per turn, and the first player to shove their opponents pieces off of any one board wins. The player's first move is a "passive" move, meaning that it cannot push any pieces. The player then repeats the same move on a board of the opposite color - this "aggressive" move can knock opponents' pieces off the board!

Tsuku features:
- A faithful reconstruction of SHBU's gameplay, with added perks such as automatic display of allowable moves.
- 1 Player mode against an AI (although AI currently stands for Artificial Idiot. More advanced bots coming soon!)
- 2 Player mode against your buddy or friend. Currently, only local multiplayer is supported - online play coming soon!
- A sleek interface for you to tap around on.
- Several customization options

Shobu, stylized as SHBU, is a trademark of Smirk and Dagger Games. The creator of Tsuku claims no relationship with Smirk and Dagger Games.

If you have any suggestions, comments, bug reports, hilarious jokes, or concerns, please email me at

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