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Desks are one of the most common furniture bed children's room. Especially if your child is still a student at a school then, desks could be the one that required furniture is in the room. Apart from being a child to learn at home, a study table also serves as a place to store a variety of school textbooks. If a few years ago, a study table usually only equipped with two drawers, this time along with the more modern era, design desks were growing. While this is very easy to find a design multifunctional learning desk for children. That is, other than as a place to learn, learn multifunction table is also equipped with several shelves that are useful for storing various items and children's school needs such as writing instruments, handbags, hats, and of course books lesson. There are even some multifunctional learning desk design that has a fairly large bookcase, so that not only the textbooks that could be stored there but also other books such as the book of fairy tales, comic, or a children's magazine.

In addition to desks mutifungsi, desks today was designed with unique shapes and attractive with a wide range of colors, and not infrequently there are also parents who deliberately made the design of special desks for her son who then handed over to the worker to be made according to the design. This course aims to make children's enthusiasm for learning.

But, no matter how good the design of a desk study, or for any rack is provided for storing books and their belongings, children still often save belongings haphazardly. This is a trivial thing, but it certainly would have been a problem if left unchecked. In addition to the rooms would look like a shipwreck, alias mess. Your children might have trouble finding stuff that is hidden behind other items strewn on the floor or a corner of the room.

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