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Run this app named Real AI Scouter -Anime face diagnosis- or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

It s a joke but it s not a joke! A serious scouter.
Which anime character do you look like? What is your combat strength?
AI diagnoses.

## Stosowanie
1 . Launch the app
2. Project people through the screen
3. Dotknij ekranu
- Displays which anime character the person on the screen looks like.
- Displays the combat power of the person reflected on the screen.

## Optional functions
If you press detail here at the bottom of the screen, you will jump to the Google search result web page of the anime character diagnosed as similar.

## Uwagi
- If you do not see your face on the screen, you will not be diagnosed.
- Anime character faces are not diagnosed. Diagnose the face of a real person.

## About AI
- 50 characters will be diagnosed at the first release in October 2019.
- The number of diagnoses will increase due to AI. In the future, more detailed classification will be possible.
- Results are not random. I'm really diagnosing with AI.
- Results vary depending on face accuracy.

## Zastrzeżenie
The producer (Piyo Cat) is not responsible for any damage caused during the use of Serious AI Scouter-Anime Face Diagnosis.

## Public images on Play Store
The image will be under development. It may be different from the actual app image.

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