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Clarity is an audio app that makes meditation simple. Using short relaxation exercises, Clarity will help you improve your focus and bring some calm into your busy life.

Choose between guided and un-guided exercises and a selection of soundscapes, including a rainy day, a beach and an urban park.

Use Clarity with the Pip - a device that senses your changing stress levels. If youre stressed and your mind is wandering, the soundscape grows more intense; when youre calm and focussed it becomes more tranquil. By providing continuous feedback on your stress levels, Clarity and the Pip teach you how to recognize stress and control your reaction to it.

After your session review your data and see your achievements as you integrate the practice of calm and focus into your everyday life.

Clarity syncs with My Pip your cloud platform for better living. At the end of each session your performance data is uploaded automatically to My Pip where you gain deeper insights into your stress levels and can track and compare performance over time.

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Developer: Galvanic Ltd

Genre: Health & Fitness

App version: 2.2.4

App size: 59M

Recent changes: Bug fix in international phone number selections


A lot of Bugs. Sound interuption, most of the time the gui is missing (e.g. starting a session is difficult) and also swiping the scenes does not work. if working it is an helpfull app.

Actually causes far more stress than I would've had otherwise. It's glitchy and freezes all the time during and immediately after sessions so I can't complete or it doesn't record, among other things. The Ocean Walk soundscape seems not to exist since every time I try to use it the sound changes back to Rainy Day as soon as I press start. I find the voice they've chosen to be jarring rather than soothing, and the guidance is not great. (Speaking as someone who's done guided meditation in several forms and had much better results elsewhere, though admittedly without the availability of biofeedback.) I wanted to like this and it's just making me mad. The other app I've tried isn't bad, but this is the very first one they recommend using with the Pip device, and I wanted to return it based on the sad performance of this app. I've kept it (at the risk of not getting a refund because the return policy is not at all generous) in hopes that the other apps perform better. Seriously. I'm a science and psychology geek, and I was SO excited to get the Pip. It's such a brilliantly promising concept to bring biofeedback to an affordable and theoretically user-friendly home device, and if it would just work it has the potential to be quite literally life-changing for so many. Unfortunately, this app made me want to hurl it out the nearest window, but we have screens so with my luck it would only have bounced off and whacked me in the head.

24May2016- finally fixed after months and now I can use the Android app. I was forced to use my giant ipad which was a tad inconvenient on the train where i did most of my sessions. The Pip is a great devise and this app really makes the devise shine. I use it twice a day on the train and my meditation has improved by leaps and bounds.

My favourite pip app, love closing my eyes and listening to the rain, use it every night to help me go to sleep.

Can't download , tried for over a week. Not recognizing my email either."