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Most of the parents can teach their children basic vowels and consonants in a language easily. Children usually know these by the time they are four years old. But how do you teach them how to read? A language like English can still be picked up by daily reading but what about Gujarati? The solution to this problem is phonics. Phonics is a method of teaching people to read by correlating sounds with symbols in an alphabetic writing system. In short, it is the science of words whereby every letter has a peculiar sound and when you know the sound, you can read easily.

With the way technology is moving forward and its use in educating children, it was only a matter of time when the need for a Gujarati Phonetics App became imperative. This is turn gave birth to the Phonetic Alphabets App in Gujarati.

The app has been designed to give kids practice with basic phonic skills, including recognizing the letters of the alphabet, alphabet and vowel matching, and blending them to make words.

The app works by teaching children the sound of a particular alphabet and how it is blended with another vowel or consonant to make a word. For example, the consonant M () represents the sound M and the vowel Aa () represents the sound Aa. When Ma and Aa are blended together they give birth to a new word Maa. ( + =) (M + Aa = Maa)

The following features make Phonetic Alphabets App a friendly app to use.

1.\tUse of attractive graphics and colors to attract and hold the childrens attention
2.\tEasy navigation
3.\tInteractive word pictures that are easy to read
4.\tSound of each word is very clear

Phonetic Alphabets App helps children work on their listening skills while also practicing recognizing the vowels and consonants of the Gujarati alphabet as well as building their vocabulary. It is the best tool to learn reading.

With the development of technology we are becoming more and more dependent on computers, mobiles and online based learning. Phonics is recommended as the first strategy that children should be taught in helping them learn to read and what better way than to have the Phonetic Alphabets App? The child can access it at anytime from anywhere. The perfect answer to ward away a childs boredom and at the same time making them do an educational activity that they are not even aware that they are learning something new!!

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