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Phone Call Flash Led Light App

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Download this app named Phone Call Flash Led Light App.

Never miss when someone is trying to reach you with this Phone Call Flash Led Light App!Whenever you are on a meeting, or in a loud and a dark place and you cannot hear your cellphone ringing, it's time for this “blinker app”! Get signals with led blinker notificationinstead of sounds and vibration! Super bright led flashlight for call alertis a very useful and helpful app! Turn on flash led light when incoming call text and notification on screenwill appear! Instead choosing to turn off all notificationsto get some quiet time, opt for blinking indicator light to inform you! You will get flash alerts for call and message and you'll get it for free! Some devices might have this option already, but this free app download offers some additional functions for the brightest flashlight alert on incoming calls and texts! So, wait no more and get your “SMS alert application”now completely free of charge for smartphones!

When phone is ringing flashlight is on!

Features for “Phone Call Flash Led Light App”:
✩ Set blinking led in different phone modes - “light alerts for calls and messages”!
✩ Turn alerts on / off with one tap in led indicator app!
✩ Choose how many times it blinks for one message!
✩ TO SAVE BATTERY, on low battery level turn “torch lite”off automatically in “superbright led'!
✩ Blinking light notification front flash alert on CALL and SMS!
✩ Schedule DND (do not disturb app) when to start and when to end.
✩ Flash alert for all notification that you get with “fast blinking flash alert on call”!
✩ User-friendly interface makes this superbright led flashlighteasy to use!

Phone Call Flash Led Light Appfor phones is precisely what you need! When someone call you the light flash on and offwill appear. Also, this “led indicator”gives notification flash alert for all apps for Android™devices of all types! It will turn on flash when phone ring and when you get a text and a call! Whats the app that u get on ur phone to make flash when u get a call or message? Well, this is it! The best flashlight alert on call and msgis made to suit all your needs! When incoming call flash alert light turns on, immediately see it and answer it! Superbrightledsin this “text light flasher”are visible always! Install flash alerts on call and SMS for Android fast blinking alert flash lightand enjoy your quiet time! You'll never be out of reach when you get this multipurpose “free super led flash alert on call and SMS”. This calling flashlightis adequate for everyone! A notification led blinker lightgives visual information for every alert you get!

Get flash LED LIGTH when incoming call and text!

Notification light indicator may come in handy! This good “ringing flashlight”ontakes up little space and it will be of service to you. Highly functional super bright led torch light will notify with back or front led notification blink lights! Get notification flash alert for all apps for Androidphones! Not a simple led application, but a proper turn on flashlight app for texting and calling! See flash alert very speed blinksignals and answer phone quickly! Your phone light flashes when phone ring starts! Get practical text messages notification alertsand blinking light when phone ringsin this pretty good led light notification app free! Not just simple do not disturb apps for Android, but led blinkingsigns for SMSalerts &flash light blink on call! Set up blink led light for call message alert– make your phone torcheffective and benefit from it even more! A text message notification lightwith led flashlightis applicable and suitable with all smart phone devices! Get a sensor light blink notification and led light flash alert for sms and call! Presenting a blink on call flash light to all of you who need it!


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