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Brief Introduction: The application aims at managing the profile configurations at different locations. The user just needs to select a range and the profile will be changed automatically as per the scenario set by user.
Description: The Phone Brain is your smart friend who lives in your smartphone, observes your location and then automatically configures your phone profile accordingly. It knows the right time to change your phone’s profile. It’s the Sidekick you always wanted.
We know your smartphone has the feature where you can change its profile according to the environment you are present at, but this existing profile management technique seems to be a bit inefficient because it requires you to take out some of your precious time and adjust the profile. So, this Phone Brain is our attempt to change this management technique, by automatically doing this.

The traditional approach to profile management requires you to manually perform the tasks like:
• Changing the Wi-Fi status to ON/OFF when you are in or out of a Wi-Fi zone.
• Changing the ringing modes for example switching between silent mode and ringing mode.
• Bringing the variations in the brightness of your phone screen
• Changing the Bluetooth status to ON/OFF automatically.
• Changing the Screen rotation ON/OFF automatically.
• Changing the auto Sync ON/OFF automatically.

But we all know that our real life doesn't allow us to spend time on all these frequently done tasks. Moreover, none of us would like to keep on changing our phone’s profile again and again at different locations; I would personally prefer to not change my location rather than doing this tedious task again and again. To solve this issue, we developed Phone Brain, a cool mobile app which takes a different approach to defining such tasks. Phone Manger allows you to create such tasks in a way which simplifies your life. Now you can define the above mentioned tasks as
• Switch ON my phone’s Wi-Fi when I am at my home, because my home is a Wi-Fi zone.
• Set my mobile to silent mode as soon as I enter my office premises and turn it to ringing mode as soon as I am out of office.
• Set different ringing tones when I am at different locations.
• Increase my screen’s brightness whenever I am in the Daylight and decrease the same during night time.

The user just needs to select a range and the profile will be changed automatically as per the scenario set by him. The user can define a particular profile configuration for a particular location and this defined profile configuration will be automatically set when the user enters that selected range from that location.
Some extra added features:
• While using this application, you will continuously receive notifications about your distance from the closest saved location.
• If you have set more than one location, you can also see the distance between those locations.
• Till now there are 6 settings user can change on reaching particular location, Wi-Fi status, Bluetooth status, Screen Rotation, Auto sync, Brightness level, and phone mode.
• New features to be added in the upcoming versions- change wallpaper at morning, noon, evening, night.


v1.0.4. Share option added
Enlarge map.

v1.0.3.Map added.
New UI.
Two extra settings added, now auto sync and screen rotation can also be changed after reaching location



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