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Keep track of your feminine menstrual cycle and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) sign with our simple and smart femtelligent app. The period tracker is free. You can track your cycle including menstruation, ovulation and flow intensity, but it also adapts to your regular and irregular cycle. Our period tracker is useful for both birth control and conception. The forecasted ovulation and menstruation prediction is visible in the calendar.

Femtelligent adapts with machine learning (AI) to your period cycle, it learns based on the input data, and forecasts the start date of the next cycle. Even with irregular period, the app should adapting to automatically on the cycle. In additional to the period cycle, you can record your basal temperature to see the time of your ovulation. The basal temperature is the natural way for either conception or birth control. To keep track of other symptoms like acne or moods you can use our simple user interface.

Log menstruation flow and days in a simple calendar view. We preset over 50 symptoms for you. Keep track and record moods and PMS signs. Get know your body.

The app is free and for get to know your body see PMS symptoms correlation with the menstrual cycle. Be prepared for body and mood changes during the period, with the p-tracker. Professional female health tracker, without compromise.

Since recently femtelligent offers the possibility to count calories. The function is very helpful for weight reduction or weight increase. Losing weight becomes easy. The calorie counting is simplified with our database, we have over 3000 foods with calories (per serving) already defined, in the app can then simply select the eaten product and the calories are suggested to it. Your own dishes can be added without any problems.

Calorie counting is an important principle in addition to sports, simply enter height, birthday and the activities then the recommended calories are automatically calculated. We use the Mifflin-St Jeor formula.

Period cycle tracker:
- Forecast for monthly period and ovulation
Simple intuitive period calendar
Menstrual tracker and forecast
Ovulation tracker
- Keep track of the end and start of menstruation, flow intensity in calendar
- Analyze past period cycles
- Log PMS signs and symptoms

Conception and birth control:
- Forecasted ovulation
- Tracking of basal / body temperature diagrams, helping to identify ovulation
- Analyze ovulation in chart

Fitness log:
- Track your weight

Calorie Counting:
- Our huge database to easily register the foods in the app
- Graphs for the calories consumed

Chart & visual presentation
- Analyze symptoms frequency based on the period day in the menstrual cycle
- See your symptoms frequency
Temperature graph
Temperature mapping with ovulation tracker
- Weight changes chart

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Developer: Mobatur UG

Recent changes: - Added filter for symptoms in calendar view
- Issue fix with calendar icons