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Someone once said:
To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you're truly wireless.Here is a game that will make you truly happy today. It will make you accomplish your dream of becoming a sports pilot and best of all - you can fly without a licence. So lets be a nice pilot, And we don't hit the buildings.

The sacred blue sky:

Perfect Flying Pilot is a Full 3D Graphics Game for You. You have so much love for flying and you even like airplane food. Ahh You are the Pilot of this twin engine Aeroplane that is flying over an ocean at a cruising altitude. The sacred blue sky of your motherland is all you see above you. You are alone in the cockpit and you will control it to complete your mission today. The mission is to complete 8 game levels. Each level has air rings on it. You have to pass your plane from inside those rings within the given time frame. The time is shown at the top of the screen while the remaining number of rings are shown at the bottom of the screen in yellow color.

How To Play:

You can play with the flight dynamics of your aeroplane by adjusting its speed and selecting any one of the 2 modes which are available in the settings menu.

- SPEED CONTROL: It is provided on game screen in the form of slider Accelerator for your desired speed.
- TILT MODE: It uses the accelerometer sensor of your phone to move LEFT RIGHT UP or DOWN
- JOYSTICK MODE: It uses the touchscreen buttons of Joy-pad for these actions.
- AUTO PILOT: This mode will be added in future for veteran pilots. Pun Intended!
- FLIGHT SIMULATOR: This mode will be added in future for amateur pilots. No pun intended!
- The double touch feature provides 3D camera view in all directions.
- You can touch and swipe your fingers of both hands at the same time for smooth rotations.

Your airplane must stays up because it doesn't have the time to fall. Be smart at using the cues of altitude and speed and orientation and so on.


- This is an Aviation Adventure Game in Third Person Perspective.
- It has 6-Axis controls in Full HD and 3D Graphics.
- Aerobatic pilots can enjoy real time maneuvers and very fast actions in air.
- The aircraft can be controlled about its longitudinal (roll) axis, lateral (pitch) axis.
- You can also spin the aircraft about its vertical (yaw) axis.
- The scenario adaptation of game is Atlantic Ocean environment.
- You can take pictures of the ocean while flying. Just kidding :)
- You can get Best & Quick controls by using double-touch features of Joy-pad and 3D camera.
- Some flying secrets are hidden for enthusiastic players under Multi-Touch controls in the game.
- You can also tap, double tap or press and hold on the screen to discover more maneuvers.

Chillax You Guys and Girls. Lets Take Off Our Fun Now!!


Removed some bugs
Improved graphics
Smooth controls



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